Kvikkjokk and Ritsem are the start and finish points of the Padjelantaleden. Both are relatively isolated, small mountain villages located in Swedish Lapland.

No direct transport is available from outside of Sweden. Reaching either location requires transit via Stockholm combined with multiple transit points further north. From Stockholm the average journey will be around 24 hours of train and bus travel. is a website which covers all transportation in Sweden. It is a useful resource for checking timetables and travel planning without having to go to the individual bus, train, and airline websites. Due to the multitude of options for reaching Kvikkjokk or Ritsem, I highly recommend using this resource in your travel planning, as I can only provide a rough overview of all the possible travel options.

It is important that you search with the correct travel dates when planning, as some of the buses only run partially through the season. While Kvikkjokk has year round bus access, buses to Ritsem only run while the STF fjällstation is open – typically late June to early September.

Taking the night train from Stockholm is the most straightforward and efficient way to get yourself to the north by early morning the following day. The same applies for the journey south again.

If traveling with a combination of train and bus, it is best to book your full journey through the Swedish SJ train website, as you will receive compensation in the event of any delays.

There are some flight options to multiple locations in north Sweden, however reaching the trail still requires several further bus or train connections.

You can also manually see the scheduled bus routes on the Länstrafiken Norrbotten bus website. When possible, I have listed the relevant bus number.

Länstrafiken Norrbotten –


Jokkmokk / Murjek – Kvikkjokk

Reaching or departing Kvikkjokk can take a bit of effort. Depending on where you are arriving from or heading to, there might be no convenient option.


If traveling from outside of Sweden, taking the night train from Stockholm to Murjek will likely be the best option.


Bus number 94 runs daily between the night train at Murjek and Kvikkjokk during the main summer season.

Bus number 43 connects the train at Murjek to Jokkmokk.

Bus number 47 connects Jokkmokk and Kvikkjokk.

Gällivare – Ritsem

Gällivare is the main transport hub to Ritsem.


The night train from Stockholm arrives in Gällivare early on the following morning. The train meets with the further bus connection, making this the most convenient option if traveling from outside of Sweden.


Bus number 93 meets with the arrival of the train from Stockholm during the season and will then take you to Ritsem.

Departing Ritsem, bus 93 meets with the morning ferry from Änonjalme, arriving in Gällivare at 13:00.


Padjelantaleden Sweden - Hiking From Kvikkjokk to Ritsem


Padjelantaleden – Kvikkjokk to Ritsem is a day to day hiking guide about Sweden’s 140 km Padjelanta trail. This guide covers everything from the basics of how to get there, what clothes you need to wear, to a day by day hiking guide of the trail. And more than just a written guide, the ebook also provides you dozens of images to help inspire your hike.

First edition – July 2020

PDF ebook, 114 pages, 92 images, 50 MB download





Sweden is a land of water, especially so in the high mountains of Padjelanta national park. The Padjelantaleden begins and ends with mandatory river and lake crossings using private boat transport to reach the trailhead at the start or finish of the hike.

Kvikkjokk – Padjelantaleden

Mandatory water taxi from Kvikkjokk – 200 SEK (2019). No rowing option available.

Operates on daily schedule during high season – 09:00 and 13:00 departures. It is possible to call for optional drop-off/pickup after mid September. Pay when getting on the boat, cash, Swedish Swish payment, and possible credit card (depending on who is driving the boat).

There is a wind shelter at the drop-off point on the trail, with a phone which can be used, also a phone signal as well.

Contact – Björn Sarstad: +46 (0)702 05 31 93

More info can be found at:

Änonjalme/Akka – Ritsem

Mandatory crossing over lake Akkajaure. No rowing option available. Three options available during the high season.

The first is a daily scheduled ferry for 300 SEK (2020).

Daily departures in July and August:

From Ritsem at: 13:00, 16:30
From Änonjalme at: 11:30, 16:30

Pay when getting on the boat with credit card, cash, or Swish. Outside of schedule departures, crossing can be scheduled for 1500 SEK minimum if less than 5 people traveling.

Contact – Anna/Andreas Parfa: +46 (0)76 843 81 37

More info can be found at:

The second boat option, which must be pre-booked.

Contact – Emil Pittja: +46 (0)70 676 42 62

A third option is with FiskFlyg helicopters, price 350 SEK. This is the only departure option connecting with the morning bus departing from Ritsem.

Daily departures 26 June – 6 September:

From Ritsem at: 08:00, 14:00
From Vaisaluokta at: 08:00, 14:00
From Änonjalme at: 08:00, 14:00

Payment by credit card or cash. Scheduled departures also available to Staloluokta and elsewhere.

Contact FiskFlyg – +46 (0)973 400 32

More info can be found at: