Hiking from Kvikkjokk to Hemavan


Kungsleden. As one of the best known hiking routes of Europe, thousands of visitors make the journey to Sweden each year to experience the remote mountains and valleys along the northern parts of the trail. And yet, outside of Sweden, few people have heard the names of Kvikkjokk or Jäkkvik, Ammarnäs or Hemavan. Nor the name Vindelfjällen, which rolls off the English tongue like something out of antiquity. These are the names found along the southern Kungsleden.

Often overshadowed by the more popular north, the scenery of the southern Kungsleden rivals that found anywhere else along the trail, with the final days on the trail traversing the heart of the Vindelfjällen nature reserve, one of Europe’s largest protected areas. There is a sublime and wild beauty to be found among the rugged mountains, ancient birch forests, endless rivers, and quiet lakes of the southern Kungsleden.

I myself am guilty of underestimating this part of Sweden, as I was often drawn by the allure of the arctic circle further north.

Kungsleden South is a stand alone guide containing all the information necessary to hike the 260 kilometer southern half of the trail from Kvikkjokk to Hemavan, how to get there, and what you’ll need along the way. If you are reading this now, then maybe you don’t need any convincing for hiking this part of the Kungsleden or are planning a thru-hike of the entire trail. Yet, if you find yourself here, looking for somewhere to go, give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed. God Tur!

Kungsleden South - HIking From Kvikkjokk to Hemavan


Kungsleden South is a day to day hiking guide about the southernmost 260km of Sweden’s Kungsleden trail between Kvikkjokk and Hemavan. This guide covers everything from the basics of how to get there, what clothes you need to wear, to a day by day hiking guide of the trail. And more than just a written guide, Kungsleden South also provides you dozens of images to help inspire your hike.

Second edition, October 2019

PDF, 159 pages, 138 images, 16,500 words. 81 MB

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Kungsleden Overview

An introduction to the Kungsleden trail as a whole with information about route marking, difficulty, and where the southern section starts and finishes.

Swedish Outdoors

This chapter is about hiking in Sweden, camping, and a basic overview of using the STF mountain huts.

Travel Planning

Information for planning your journey to northern Sweden, including how to get to Ammarnäs and Hemavan, weather, and an overview of the hiking season.

Equipping Yourself

A basic guide to the supplies and clothing you will need to safely hike in the mountains of northern Sweden.

Kungsleden Section 4

Day to day trail guide for hiking from Kvikkjokk to Jäkkvik

Kungsleden Section 5

Day to day trail guide for hiking from Jäkkvik to Ammarnäs

Kungsleden Section 6

Day to day trail guide for hiking from Ammarnäs to Hemavan


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Kungsleden South - HIking From Kvikkjokk to Hemavan