Ebook Update – West Lofoten Hikes 2nd Edition

With summer just around the corner, I’ve made a small update to my ebook: West Lofoten Hikes

Main new content is 3 new mountain routes: Andstabben, Tindstind, and Fuglhuken – all located on Moskenesøy. And then a few minor grammer corrections and other things to try and keep the guide as fresh as possible.

Anyone who has purchased the previous version will get an email for a free download of the new edition.

If you haven’t bought the book yet, then CLICK HERE 🙂

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  1. William Fehervari
    William Fehervari says:

    Hi Cody,

    I have recently purchased your guide and have been reading through it.
    I would like to go for solo-hiking, probably the northern route (7-8 days).
    My idea was to go in April, but when investigating further, I have the feeling that the Kungsleden is still covered in snow – I find a lot of “ski”-topics on Google when investigating that period.
    Your guide also didn’t cover november-may, so I was wondering: would you recommend hiking in the Kungsleden during April/may? If it is still covered in snow, I can imagine this is adds a degree of difficulty which I might have to reconsider.

    Looking forward to your answer,

    28 years, Belgium


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